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Work It & Fight It

  • by Admin
  • Oct 17, 2017

Now this blog post can be a bit deceiving. Let me explain. Because this month we are diving into the realm of breast cancer and the breasts are made up of fat cells, there is no workout/exercise/movement that specifically exercises the breasts.

Fat cells, for example, are completely different than muscle cells. The make up is completely different. You cannot “transform” fat into muscle, but you can use fat as an energy source that muscle can use to grow. Sorry ladies, if you work out on a regular basis your boobs will get stronger because you will be using your fatty tissue as an energy source to repair the muscle fibers you tore during your workout. It’s just proven science.

Now when I did some research breast cancer and exercise I came across some funny things like doing chest movements presses, flies, and pullovers (which doesn’t primarily work your chest). This is hog wash. I am not saying not to do workouts without weights, I want you to do workouts with weights as there are chemicals that your body releases that helps with inflammation. Why is this important? Well last week when we looked into three foods that help fight cancer, all of those three foods actually help reduce the amount of inflammation your body creates.

So, there is a relationship of inflammation and cancer, and since exercise reduces inflammation in the body by releasing chemicals during the repair process of muscle synthesis shouldn’t we focus our attention to predominately chest workouts? Short answer, no. Long answer, no.

It doesn’t really matter if you are doing a leg workout or a chest work. Your body, when you tear muscle fibers, will cause inflammation. Now just bear with me, inflammation is actually a good thing here, it helps and stimulates the body to fix itself. The fact that you are exercising, in general, helps you control that inflammation during the workout and during the repair process. This in turn helps you teach your body how to “heal itself” and remove any Free Radicals that may exist in your system that is your body.

Multiple medical studies have linked Free Radicals as just one source that cause cancer. A free radical is a rogue cell that grows out of control, this cell can infect and consume other cells, and become malignant (cancerous). All of our bodies have these cells, exercise is one way that we can help the removal of them. The less free radicals in our bodies the less chance of them growing out of control and causing problems.

Now I hope you can see in this very brief explanation how exercise can help you fight off cancer, and please don’t be fooled by mainstream that doing chest movements will fight off breast cancer. That is simply not true. The truth is exercise with a combination of proper eating can and will help you fight off this plague. Now get your butt to the gym or get out for a walk. In short stop reading this and get active!

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