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Winter Blues

  • by Admin
  • Feb 4, 2018

This is really a hard time of year for most people. Yes, the days are getting a bit longer, but the weather is just miserable, which is why I am not in Canada at the time of you reading this.

I am in Northern Thailand enjoying the sun and warmth (yes, I did this on purpose to get away from all of the crappiness of February, so don’t hate). This month we are going to discuss all of the factors of what we do (exercise and food) and how it has an affect on your psychology. We are going to look at:

• Foods and Moods, a quick look at what kinds of foods affect your mental state (oh and I have been having some really amazing Pad Thai lately!),
• Workout and Feel Awesome, this week we explore the chemicals that make us feel awesome during and after a good workout, and in
• F & F we are going to do a 1 v 1, Exercise v Depression. This is going to be a new way for us to explore two topics based on the topics of the month

So, I really hope that you guys can take these tips and tricks, so you can all beat the winter blues. Now if you’ll excuse me, my Northern Thai cooking class awaits! Mmmmm green curried pad Thai! Oh man I can’t wait!

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