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Weight Loss

  • by Admin
  • May 6, 2018

Be fore warned. There is a major rant coming up.

Ever since I got into the personal training industry I can’t believe how many people are infatuated with weight loss. Everybody wants to look like they did back in high school. What kills me even more is the misconceptions that us trainers put out into the world is so far-fetched that it hurts my ears and brain to listen to some of these “weight loss specialists” so much so that it gives me migraines!

This month I am once and for all clear the fog on weight loss:

• Next week we are going to look at how and what you eat affects weight loss,
• The following week we are going to look at how and what you lift affects weight loss,
• And in the final week, in the F & F section I am going to explain the differences of fat and muscle so there is no more confusion…I hope!

I don’t blame one person, but us trainers have a responsibility to our clients, and to the public in general to provide you guys with the proper information about actual physiological processes that happen in our bodies by educating ourselves with the best level of education on food and exercise and its effects on the body. Not rumor and speculation. I mean its not like its our job or something! It just boggles my mind sometimes at how this level of laziness has affected so many people!

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