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Summer Loving

  • by Admin
  • July 1, 2018

Well it’s that time of year once again! Summer is well into its life and I am a very happy man!

Business wise it’s not the greatest but there are some benefits as I get to take some time off and enjoy this awesome weather and I am going to talk to you guys this month about how I enjoy the great outdoors on these beautiful summer days.

This month we are going to look at:

• King of the Grill, nothing beats a good old-fashioned BBQ!
• The Great Outdoors, with all this amazing weather it’s a shame to spend it inside so get out and play
• CrossFit Special, we take a look at this crazy world of CrossFit and see how it can benefit you, and in
• F & F we look at my favourite place to spend my summer afternoons when I am here in the Patio Effect

Well I am going to cut this short and I hope you are going to go and do what I am about to do: get out and play!

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