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Summer Eats

  • by Admin
  • June 27, 2017

Well the nice weather is finally here. And if you live in Canada or the far reaches of the north of whatever county you live in, you know what I mean. With the amazing weather finally here comes in a period when we tend to “get away from it all” which is one of the healthiest things that we can do for ourselves.

A funny thing happens to us when we do this, we leave behind everything, even our healthy habits that got us all the hard-earned results (eating and exercise). This week we will consider some of the things that you can eat that will not veer you off the beaten track from your diet, and enjoy the locally fresh foods that you would’ve, or might have, missed.

As stated above this week we are going to look at how not to derail your diet when you are on vacation. I tend to follow two simple rules (I don’t like making things too complicated when I am on vacation, life in my world can get complicated enough).

Rule #1: Eat as much fresh, local food as I can. This is a no brainer for me. There is no better feeling that grabbing a fresh coconut that just came off the tree, or eating some calamari that just came out of the sea. If you haven’t experienced that then make sure to add it to your bucket list, because it is an amazing feeling. Yes, you read that correctly, it is an amazing feeling! You feel “alive”!

Rule #2: Eat in a group (preferably with people you don’t know). One of the things that we have lost is that eating is a social event. Most Mediterranean cultures still hold this, but us in North America have come away from this. This is where true friendships are made, and forged. Besides, what better way to spend an afternoon getting to know a whole group of people over a steak made in whatever way it is made in the country you are visiting? Seriously. That is a good afternoon.

Another bonus tid bit is to take a local cooking course and learn how to make a chicken in a different way with different tastes or a salad in a different way using ingredients that you might have never have thought of using. And when you go home you might just amaze your friends and family with these new recipes.

Like I said going on vacation doesn’t have to mean that you leave all your good habits behind it might (and it should mean) you are adding new and exciting things to your repertoire.

With that until next week when we look at how to exercise when you are on vacation. Just bear with me you will see where I am going with that.

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