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Not by The Hair of My Shiny, Shin, Shin

  • by Admin
  • Feb 7, 2018

This month in the IR we go one step higher from our feet to our head.

The shins are a very interesting part of our anatomy because (as you will see later on in the month) it takes the load from the knee and disperses it to the foot, so we can move. We will look at:

• Anatomy 101: Shins, how the shins are made up (bones and muscles),
• IR: It Stabs and Burns, the most common injury to the shins, Shin Splints, and
• In the Squat Report we will look at how the shins actually function during a squat

This month, I am hoping, will be an eye opener for everyone (myself included) as I always find something new when I do these little blog posts. And for you, I am hoping that you will see how integral the shins are when preforming any movement.

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