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  • by Admin
  • Jan 7, 2018

Every year you hear the same group of people doing the same thing. They are a very predictable type of people and Big Box gyms pry on them like vultures.

The patterns of this type of people is so predictable that I can tell you their pattern in a single sentence. Here is what it looks like: They tell themselves that “this is the year that they are going to get in shape”, they sign up to a gym that week, they stay the course for a few weeks, then they never show up to the gym until next January. These people are what we like to call New Years Resolutioners. And coming from a trainer’s perspective it is both fruitful yet frustrating. Here’s why…

Both parties know that the “goal” is to get in shape, the trainer understands the amount work that is involved to achieve this goal, whereas the client thinks that if they “just show up” the weight will magically disappear (the frustrating part) and when the client doesn’t see results in a couple of weeks (this part sometimes a couple of months, or the client might not even see the change happening) they get discouraged and stop coming to the sessions.

The fruitful part is simple the client has already bought into the sessions and if the client doesn't use them, they lose them. The thing is there is this perception out there that a trainer is only as good as how the client achieves their goals, this is not true not at all, I’m not going to get into this as there are a ton of factors that come with this. What I am going to talk about is month is why resolutions are just a waste of time.

In a word they don’t work. So, don’t set them. Instead plan your year. This month I will talk about the most effective food plans to follow, why planning will lead you to success on the gym floor, and in this month’s F & F we look at New Year’s Resolutions and why they don’t work. So, get ready to blow this completely out of the water.

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