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  • by Admin
  • Nov 1, 2017

Well, it’s that time of year again, where the guys of the world upper lip get just a bit hairier (mine included) it is November (aka Movember). So, what is Movember? Well Movember is prostate cancer awareness month.

Guys from around the world join forces and grow a mustache and raise money to give to the research for a cure that plagues 21,300 men in Canada which equals to around 58 men daily, of those 4,100 have died and this equals to around 11 men a day, this is from stats of 2017 this year! And the year isn’t even over! The good news is that in the past 5 years there is a 95% survival rate which I am hoping that in the next 5 years this becomes 100% survival rate.

However, Movember is more than just prostate cancer research, oh it has evolved into men’s mental health, suicide prevention and testicular cancer research as well! You see us guys really do have it pretty hard (this is coming from a guy, so you know its real) we lose our jobs the family is in trouble, not just you, you get sick and can’t go to work same thing, bills start to build up and the weight of the world starts to bear down on you. And that does some really bad things to a guy, mentally and physically. So, it is important for us to raise this awareness and give some help to the guys in your life.

This month I am going to discuss ways for the dudes out there to get them the help they need. But I can’t do this alone. I need your help as well, I have already started growing my handle bar stache and have made my donation for this great cause if it wouldn’t be too much to ask for any amount on your end that would amazing you can click on this link or forward the link off to anybody, so we can see these number dwindle to nothing.

This month we are going to look at:
• Prostate fighting foods, three foods that can help not only shore up your prostate but give you the fire power, so your guy can never get it,
• How exercise can fight off prostate cancer, this is tough only because there are no real exercises you can do to strengthen the prostate, it’s more of an after effect, and
• F & F we look into another huge misconception called proprioception.

Well that’s it for this week we’ll see you all next week with how to shore up that prostate. Again, if you haven’t already done so I would really appreciate any donation that you can to help the guy in your life. Here is the link. And thank you!

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