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The Month of the Ankle

  • by Admin
  • Jan 3, 2018

First and foremost, happy New Year and I wish you all a joyous, healthy, and profitable 2018.

Second, I would like to introduce this new section of the blog. The IR (Injury Report). I had tried this in previous versions, but it didn’t go anywhere because of my failed planning and the blog posts became more of doctoral papers that didn’t make any sense to people, myself included. So, I am taking a page out of my regular weekly blog posts and introducing a very important factor: structure.

Every month will be based on a different joint structure and at the end of month I am going to look at exercise and how that exercise affects that specific joint. Every year will be a different exercise, as you can see this is going to be a long-term project. This year we are going to look at the squat and we are going to break it down joint for joint and what is going on in that joint.

This month we are going to break down the ankle and look at:
• Anatomy of the Ankle, bones and muscles and what they do.
• Most common injury, Ankle Sprains, and
• The last two weeks of the month we are going to break down the Squat Report into the fore foot, and the ankle.

This is going to be an introduction into what we really do at Vio Fitness. Anatomical break down of how the functions under load and can it sustain integrity under load for any length of time. I really do hope you enjoy this part of the blogs because this is truly where my passion is. Biomechanics.

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