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  • Intelligent Training System - Part 2: Jumpstart Mat™

Intelligent Training System - Part 2: Jumpstart Mat™

  • by Admin
  • Aug 22, 2017

Last week I talked about one of the two main aspects that changed the way I practice and think about training. This week we will take a look at the second part of this transformation. A little background first, please bare with me for this part, I promise I will make it short.

Jumpstart MAT™ was the link between taking a client from the physio table to getting results on the gym floor. In actuality it is constant back and forth of these two systems and looking at how your body is responding to the stimuli that we are looking at. After my mentor passed away in a motorcycle accident I started training with his wife who recommended me to look into JumpStart MAT™ so I listened to her wise advice and that program opened my eyes and linked what I wanted to do with my new style. It just took some time to perfect (actually I’m always looking ways to perfect this system).

What is JumpStart MAT™?
It is a systematic outlook of joints and joint structure on how they respond to external load in specific positions in space. Basically, we take your knee and we test it on active range of motion, see if it is equal, or close to it, and test it to see if the knee understands stress on it. I used the knee because it is one of the more “easier” joints to explain (it only flexes and extends, it has little axial rotation). If, for any reason, the test fails then we ask: “Why did it change?”, “Are there any other locations in that joint structure?” If so, ‘Where?”

What we are looking for is for elephants in the room. The weakest link that your body has, we strengthen it through isometric holds, concentric resisted reps, ecentric resisted reps, and lastly resistance training on the gym floor. This way your body is neurologically primed/warmed up for you to go and stress it to the max. The above view is only limited by the time it takes to adjust to the new stimuli. I have seen clients go from not being able to move and within a month they are on the gym floor doing whatever exercise modality that pleases them. On the flip side I have seen clients take a lot longer. Again, this is only depended on how your body responds to this form of training.

ITS incorporates both the RTS® and the JumpStart MAT™ modalities to give you a safe environment for your body to get back to its original settings and in turn allow you to do whatever you enjoy doing to lead a healthy life.

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