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  • Intelligent Training System - Part 1: RTS®

Intelligent Training System - Part 1: RTS®

  • by Admin
  • Aug 15, 2017

Every so often in our lives we come across that someone that changes everything in our lives, whether it be professional or personal. Back in 2013 this happened to me on a professional level, where everything I knew about exercise and fitness was literally thrown out the window!

In the summer of 2013 I spoke to someone who would become one of my mentors, the late, great Peter Chaisson. And we discussed one of the two courses that he instructed he advised me to enroll in the RTS® 1, 2, 3 programs and then go into the JumpStart MAT™ program (as I was unsure as which program to enroll into).

I heeded his advice and oh boy! What a weekend! Everything that I knew about training (and I mean everything!) was put into scrutiny and questioned all that I held dear as to what worked and what didn’t. The RTS® (Resistance Training Specialist®) 1, 2, 3 programs finally put some science into exercise science and helped me (eventually) create the most specific and most unique system in the exercise community that holds no favour for one exercise regimen over another just asks one simple question: “Do you (your joint) understand tension in this range and direction?”

So, what is RTS®?
RTS® or Resistance Training Specialist® is, as I said before, a program that explains the science behind personal training. I know that most trainers out there have a good grasp of how things “feel” when you are doing a cable flye with different pulley systems (a 4:1 ratio cable system feels lighter that a 1:1 ratio) and they’re response to their clients is this one feels lighter than the other. The RTS® program explains why so that 1) the client feels like they are getting the best bang for there buck, and 2) You, the trainer can make a better decision as how to progress your client so that they can exercise without the risk of injury.

But it was more than just that it also explained the forces that went through your body when you were performing an exercise and deepened the explanation of why things felt harder and why things felt lighter. You can have very high-level conversations with the like of architects, engineers, and physicians (which I have) and you like a genius, which also gives them the like they are getting value for their dollar.

In the ITS system we implement this as part of the process. Next week we will discuss the meat and potatoes of the question above. Where RTS® comes into play is after the table work when we get you on the floor and exercising with mass (notice I used mass, not weights this is a whole different ball of wax that I will get into later, for now just know that they are not the same) This is the transition phase from table to gym floor and we ask even more questions from your body, such as “Do you understand load in this range of motion?” And “Can you still stay strong after exhaustion?”

In closing after the weekend of having my whole world of knowledge broken down to bits I made yet another rookie mistake I went into work on Monday morning and I was a lost cause it felt like I knew nothing and I had to reassess everything I was doing with my clients to the point where I reverted my training style to the basics because of the realization that when it came to my client’s bodies I didn’t know what was happening on the inside.

A great ancestor of mine that I look up to, Socrates once said: “I know one thing: that I know nothing.” And when it comes down to my client’s bodies then I truly know nothing. This tool in combination with JumpStart MAT™ helps me find things out with their bodies.

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