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Holiday Eats

  • by Admin
  • Dec 9, 2017

Yup its Christmas time once again. What does that mean? Christmas parties, work parties, family get-together’s, lots of drinking eggnog, lots of food, lots late nights, and your healthy habits take a side note just for a month.

I mean it’s just month out of the year, right? Oh, and don’t forget the two weeks (min) for the vacation that you took last year, and Easter (just a long weekend), and the long weekends at the cottage (5 in Canada times 3 days each long weekend is 15 days) and Thanksgiving (another 3 days). If take into consideration these in total, we are looking at the very least 2 months in holiday’s that we have allowed ourselves to be bad! But don’t fret. You are in good hands if you have been reading these blog posts this year you now have some great tools to use so can cheat during these days. Even better, I am going to give you guys three more tips right now for the holidays that are upon us. So, you can have your cake, and eat it too without feeling guilty.

So, what are some of these tips? Well, I am glad you asked!
For starters, if I tell you guys not to eat sugar during the holiday’s and hope that all of you will listen, I will have a better time buying a lottery ticket and winning the Jackpot. So, eat sugar, that’s fine, but, there’s always a but, try to limit the amount of sugar you eat. If you overindulge on the sweet stuff, understand that the feeling of being 90 the next day, was because you decided to eat too much sugar and the sugar dump you are experiencing is the side effect.

Which leads me to my next point of next day side effects. Limit the amount of alcohol you dump inside of you. This goes without saying too much, if you overindulge with alcohol you feel like a MACK truck hit you the next morning, and your body suffers, and it will let you know it is suffering to boot. Alcohol dehydrates you to the point where it can, very rarely, use your muscles as an energy source to keep major operating functions working. This means you get smaller and your belly gets bigger, and you suffer the risk of type 2 diabetes because your liver starts to produce more insulin to breakdown the alcohol in your system.

If you do decide to become a lush over the holidays, that’s fine it’s your choice, but please do it safely! Please have a designated driver to get you home, or take a cab, or public transit. Let’s be smart about this one. OK? If other people don’t think you can drive because you had one too many listen and put your ego aside, we don’t want anybody getting hurt, or worse during this time of year. This is time for cheer, not grieving.

Try not too over eat. I know grandma’s apple pie might be the in the world, or mom’s stuffing is the greatest anyone has ever eaten in the history of mankind, but if you eat too much your body will not know what to do with it. If that happens your body will store it as fat for a later date, so goodbye abs! Goodbye chiseled chest! Goodbye Shoulders of Atlas! Goodbye buns of steel! Yup and you fall into the rut like everyone else at New Years, getting back in the gym and feeling like you have a million-pound ruck sack on your shoulders. However, if you have one plate of everything and you take some left overs for the next day, so you can enjoy it the next couple of days, well then you won’t have to worry about feeling like crap when you go back to the gym in the New Year.

Well there you have it folks I am probably the only out there that will tell you that you can eat sugar, and drink, and grandma’s apple pie for Christmas dinner, just do it smart and you won’t have to suffer like most people will come January 1st. So, go ahead, have your cake and eat too, I mean what good is cake if you can’t eat it!?

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