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Holiday Blast

  • by Admin
  • Dec 1, 2017

Well it’s that time of year where all our hard work goes out the window in a matter of a few weeks and our attention goes from ourselves to pleasing everybody else. The problem with that is that our good habits that we have implemented throughout the year has a tendency to go the way of the dodo bird as well.

This month I will give you guys some tips that you can implement right now, at this very instance so that your hard work in the gym doesn’t suffer and you can have some holiday fun as well. The topics that we are going to look into will be:

• Holiday Eats. Next week we are going to tackle some of the foods that you should be eating to maintain the healthy lifestyle that you have been enjoying all year round. And don’t worry I know that you all have been good little boys and girls, so it is just fitting that you should treat yourselves. Just don’t overindulge
• Holiday Workouts. I know who crazy busy the holiday season can get with party after party and get-together after get-together, how in the world can you possibly find the time to hit the gym? In this blog post I will give you guys a sure fire quick and easy workout that will have you in and out of the gym at a maximum of 40 min workouts.
• Special Holiday Gift. Considering when this blog post comes out (Dec 23rd) I have a special present for all of you. And that is all I am about say about that.
• F & F: Stabilization. All roads end here. Everything that I have been talking about all year in these F & F blog posts have come to this major misconception in the fitness industry. So, sit back and enjoy the post.

Well I hope that you guys have enjoyed the ride so far. It has been an amazing one to say the least. Next year I am going to introduce a new blog section that will really explain what we really do here at Vio Fitness. So, I hope you will enjoy that.

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