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Fun in the Sun

  • by Admin
  • June 13, 2017

I took some time off to regroup my way of working here, things weren’t going as “easy” as I had originally hoped. So here I am back at it once again, hopefully I have found the perfect mix of work and play.

The general structure of the blog posts will stay the same as I have previously laid out just my schedule of when I am going to write these things have changed. Time will tell I guess. Regardless of my “soul searching” it’s on with this month’s blog post.

This month is one of the lean months in personal training, everyone’s getting ready to go away, the kids are out of school, the weather is beautiful outside, I mean even I want to get away from it all, but alas work is work. On that note, this blog post is going to introduce the topics that I will discuss with you so that you have an edge from when you come back to your grind and haven’t lost all that hard work and dedication you have put in the gym.

So, this month we are going to discuss:
What to eat when you are on vacation,
How to get the best workouts while you are on vacation (bear with me on this one you may be pleasantly surprised), and
In F&F we tackle what is tone

I know, I know you are on vacation and the last thing you want to do is watch what you eat, or worry about did I work out today? But with the next couple of weeks blog posts I think you might find it easier and less of a headache than you really think.

With that I hope to see you all next week when Summer Eats comes out, I think you might really enjoy that one.

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