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Foods and Moods

  • by Admin
  • Feb 11, 2018

Back in 2009 I was in NYC learning about nutrition and how it affects your body then some “instructor” said to the class you eat the way you feel.

At the time I didn’t really realize what that meant, and I just filed it under the hocus pocus part the fitness industry, believe me there’s a lot filed in that filing cabinet. Plus, I didn’t really do much with that part of the industry because of the so many idiosyncrasies that are involved with it I just couldn’t find an effective generic nutrition plan to give people, so I did what everybody would do in a situation like that: I stopped doing it and focused on something else. Big mistake.

You see, nutrition does more for us than just get us results in the gym, or stuff our bellies when it growls. It also affects our moods, and in this time of year we need a little pick me up. So, this blog post will take a look at three foods (or types of foods) that will give you that pick me up.

• Ginger Tea, ok this not a food but something like ginger on anything makes you feel better because it helps with digestion and if you are eating sushi/sashimi then this also helps in neutralizing the mercury in the fish. Win, win. Make it as a tea then you have that nice warm feeling of drinking something warm on a cold day. Win, win, win.
• Salmon, this is a great source of essential omega-3 fatty acids, which are important for energy production, brain activity and circulation. So, fire up the BBQ and bundle up and grill yourself a nice salmon steak. Don’t like salmon? Or getting tired of it? Grab yourself some Arctic Char for the exact same benefits and enjoy this light tasting fishy.
• 100% Raw Chocolate Nibs, this is a much-needed post workout treat. I like to add frozen mixed berries to it and just slowly eat away. It gives you a whopping amount antioxidant, boost your testosterone, and Human growth hormone (hGH). This is not only “feel good” food, it also helps you look better by repairing your body after a workout. Major win, win!

Well there you have it, three foods that will help you fight the winter blues for this month, and if it doesn’t (which I highly doubt!) just remember the great weather is just around the corner.

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