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F & F: Working Out When Cleansing

  • by Admin
  • April 29, 2018

All month we have been discussing the benefits of how doing cleanses can have on your body.

I did mention in a previous post that when you are doing a cleanse that you have to be careful when you exercise. This is because you may not have the strength to endure throughout the workout. So it may be good idea to take it easy depending on the type of cleanse you are doing.
This blog post will list the different types of cleanses that we spoke about and the types of exercises you should be doing.

  • Master Cleanse.  Nothing. Absolutely no strenuous exercise for this one. This is such a middle of the pants kicker of a cleanse that the most you should be doing is walking. You will have the energy to run a marathon, but you won’t have the strength to run 10 steps. You are simply not putting enough “food” inside of you to give you any strength.
  • Prune Juice Cleanse. There is no rhyme or reason why you cannot exercise during this cleanse. No. Wait. There is one. You will not be able to get off the toilet for longer than 10 minutes at a time. Other than that, so long as you stay hydrated you should be fine to do any workout program you’d like, so long as you stay out of the bathroom.
  • Orthodox Cleanse. This is a simple and straight forward cleanse and an easy one to implement into your daily routine. You will have no problem incorporating workouts with this cleanse as it is not as strenuous as the other two mentioned above. I mean you are vegan for a max of 40 days and with so many different options that vegans have introduced to us this has become easier than ever.

Take these simple guidelines and try them. Just make sure you understand that when you cleanse that some cleanses are so intense that you should just wake up and relax. We don’t want anybody going to the hospital because they were cleansing and over exerted themselves. Yes, you can go to the hospital if you do this wrong! You have been warned.

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