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  • by Admin
  • June 24, 2018

Last week we have explored High Intensity Interval Training but what are the pros, or cons of this type training?

Well this blog post will only scratch the surface of this fitness regimen. HIIT as I have stated last week is High Intensity Interval Training. The concept behind it is simple you can do as many reps in a set time anywhere and anytime with little to no equipment. Only have 10 minutes. No worries you can do a quick and intense workout that will push to the limit.
So, here are son pros:

  • HIIT can be preformed in a very short time span than traditional workouts,
  • Little to no equipment required,
  • Can give the client the sensation of an amazing workout using combination exercises

While these pros are all great, we also have to take into consideration the cons of HIIT training. They include:

  • Client may not have the structural ability do perform the movement required,
  • Increases the risk of injury as mass increases and speed increases,
  • Trainer has less and less control of each and every repetition, so the client can “cheat” more and again increase the chance of injury

Even with all of these I really do believe that HIIT is an effective means of training for the right client. It can help build muscle mass and explosiveness and provide one hell of a workout that will push you to your limits. My only precaution would be to make sure that you use your head and not your ego as you can get very hurt very easily.
“Now your limits, play within it” - OLG

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