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F &F: Easter Effect

  • by Admin
  • March 25, 2018

All month this month we have looked at the benefits of fasting.

Now one of the things that we need to take into consideration is what happens when you get off the fast and back to your normal routine (in my case going from vegan to eating meat again).
We as human will on occasion tend to gorge ourselves of the things that have been deprived from us, whether it be lifestyle, drink, or in this case food. When this happens with food some nasty things happen to us on a physical level. On a psychological level when we are gorging ourselves we feel amazing like a kid on Christmas morning, up until our bodies realize what just happened. The food that we just stuffed into our faces without breathing just sits in our stomachs and it is so much food that our stomach cannot process the food effectively (food coma). And the entire time of us trying to remove something bad from our lives comes back and kicks us right in the proverbial butt, and we not only are in our beloved food coma we are also stacking on the wrong kind of weight, where our bellies have grown a couple of inches around.

Here’s the thing. You can stuff your face with (in my case lamb) as much food as you can during this celebration. Just do it smart and you can avoid the high blood pressure, high spikes of insulin, and the food coma that comes with it. Here’s how:

• Eat slower. Don’t worry there is plenty of food around for everyone and you are not in a race to see who can eat the most. The slower you eat, the better you can digest the food you inhale.
• Fill your plate then go back for seconds, if you can. This is key. The best way to eat a lot of food is to fill your plate once, finish it, then go back for seconds if you can. Try to put as little of everything so you can enjoy something of everything the first time around.
• Chew, and make sure you breathe. I know this is silly to say but all too often when we reintroduce food that we haven’t had for a while we just inhale the food whole realizing how good it tastes. When we chew, we breakdown the food making it easier to digest and when we breathe we are tasting the food because when start smelling the food then our brains start the digestion process by secreting saliva in our mouth and all the digestive enzymes in our stomachs

Well there you have it three simple and easy things for you to take this Easter that will make you feel like a rock star during this massive feast and have everybody else looking at you and asking themselves why do I feel like crap and you don’t. So, enjoy all the amazing food this holiday has to offer.

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