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Exercise For Life

  • by Admin
  • Sept 19, 2017

Wow I didn’t realize how much I needed that little break, and now it’s back to business.

All month so far, I have been talking about how leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle can lead to a longer and higher quality of life in general. I talked about how eating properly can benefit you, I even took a little break (hint, hint) now it’s time to look at the final piece of the puzzle, exercise. Exercise can and will help you extend your years in unmeasurable ways this blog post will look at the most impactful ways exercise can help you stay you and your brain stay youthful. Please bear in mind that there are hundreds of ways that spending an hour a day, 3 to 6 days a week in the gym doing some form or another extraneous movements that can help you.

What do I mean by extraneous movements? Well you lift weights, run or walk on the treadmill, use the stair climber, use the rowing machine, play squash, go swimming, play a game of floor hockey, play a game basketball. Whatever your heart desires, and whatever facilities your gym offers as well. I personally enjoy lifting heavy weights, going for jogs, and going for long walks but that’s just me you I hope are different and you should do whatever makes you happy. So how? How does exercise benefit you in the long run? What makes that happen? Why does it make you feel like a rock star after? These are probably some of the most important questions that I am going to answer in this blog post.

How does exercise benefit you in the long run? And What makes that happen? I am going to answer these questions with the easiest explanation and I really hope it is going to make sense when I’m done, mind you I am going to re-read this part multiple times so it can kind of make sense. When we exercise we have a ton of chemicals that are broken down into smaller bits, the chemicals that we don’t need our bodies will excrete it through our skin via sweat or store it for later removal via urine or fecal matter (depending on what the chemical is and where it is stored), the chemicals that we need our bodies use right away. Another big benefit to exercise is that it can help you remember things a lot longer and stay focused. Why? Well when you lift heavy (as I do) or run, or go for long fast walks your brain benefits by increasing the flow to the brain and increasing the growth of new brain cells. These new brain cells help you remember things better and leads us to the next logical question, Why does exercise make me feel better? When we do extraneous exercise, our brains excrete a chemical called dopamine. Dopamine is the feel-good chemical that our brains excrete when we do a good deed, or complete a tough task. It is the reward chemical. When we exercise our brains dump dopamine almost to the effect of getting high on drugs. I am going to quote a trainer that I once knew: “Exercise is the drug of choice.” – Paul Chek. So, when we exercise the after effect is a chemical dump of dopamine in our brain and makes us feel like we own the world. And that’s a good thing, the problem is that it may become addictive, again not a bad thing but it can when we start seeing results and want more, and start to experiment with substances, we just have to be smart about how we go about going forward. And there you have it a complete way of looking and feeling younger than you really are. Most trainers and healthcare professionals out there will break it down for you this way: nutrition 60% and exercise 40%, it’s good but incomplete. For me it’s Nutrition = 95%, R & R = 4.5%, and Exercise = 0.5% if you remove anyone of these you will not get the results you are looking for. Remember in the beginning I said that I needed a break? That’s why I took it because it helps me recover properly and I can go further by slowing down occasionally. Now it’s time to move forward. See you all next week.

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