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Caveman Eats

  • by Admin
  • August 8, 2017

A few years ago, I came across this one amazing way to get the results that you want. Mostly out of necessity because I had a few clients that were hitting walls with their progress. Now up until this point I had believed that one of the most important thing with getting results was working out properly and the type of workouts you did reflected the results you got, for example, if you did periodization type workouts you would gain muscle mass, if you did HIIT type workouts you would lose fat.

While this does have some merit, I was missing the point, the most important point. You’re diet. So, what would you’re diet have to do with your results? In a word…Everything. What diet is the best one out there? Well there are hundreds of different diets out there with millions of positive results but which one works for you? I cannot answer that as I would have absolutely no idea. The best advice a personal trainer who specializes in biomechanics is that we look at your ancestry at what they ate? How they lived? Now this is a broad statement and can be a little tricky so let’s go back, all the way back to our very beginnings when we were living in caves. Caveman Eating, Paleo diet, Primal diet, whatever you want to call it takes us to the very core of how we should be living, eating, and being. Considering that our DNA has not changed, that much, since that time our bodies should react with positive results. What does this mean? How do we eat like our ancestors?

1. Eat lots of meats. This used to be a very controversial topic but modern research from many medical papers have proven that regular consumption of red meats, and fish is essential to a healthy lifestyle. It not only promotes an easy and abundant supply of essential amino acids that helps repair muscle fibers when torn, it is also very tasty I mean who doesn’t really like a good steak.

2. Don’t shy away from fats. Again, this used to be another controversial topic, they once thought that full fat products like lard or butter was bad for your health. This is not true these products are extremely beneficial to your development as humans and when it comes to getting your results your body will finally get what it needs to function properly.

3. Choose your carbs carefully. Now carbs. Carbs are one of those tricky things that confusion sets in I mean really sets in. The carbs that we should be consuming are fruits and vegetables not grains. Grains have something called gluten, I will be writing more about this in another blog post later for now just know that this is what causes 98% of our lactose intolerances (I am living proof of this). Fruits and vegetables do not include this and should be consumed whenever we are excising so we can have the energy we need to perform the requires tasks.

As you can see this ancient way of eating is a lot easier than most people think. I have also had some amazing results when I implemented with my current clientele and clients in my past. Any time I hear any resistance about it I always ask my client: “What do you have to lose by trying it for a month or so?” Usually the answer is: “Nothing. But it seems hard.” Really, it’s not. Now you can take this a step further and only buy wild but that is the hard part. So, start off with these three points and then, if you feel good, take that extra step and you will not only feel amazing but you will start to get the results you are looking for.

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