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Best Food Plans

  • by Admin
  • Jan 14, 2018

Back in 2009 I was going back and forth from Toronto to New York City for 7 months. The reason why I was making this consistent trek was because I had enrolled myself in a school that taught nutrition and I became a Health Counsellor after graduation.

Needless to say, I did not pursue this avenue of training because, well, it didn’t “fit” with what I wanted to do with my training style. I wanted to concentrate more on biomechanics rather than biochemistry, not to say that the biochemistry isn’t important, it hugely affects how we feel, act, and how we attain our results in and out of the gym. I just did not want to take that avenue. Here’s why.

If you tell me that nutrition Plan A is the best and give me 100 reasons why it is the best, I can do some research and find you another 100 reasons why it isn’t the best and I can find you another 100 nutrition plans that are “better”.

The truth is all nutrition plans are good for you, they all work on an individual basis, and they all have pros and cons. This week we are going to explore my 3 favorite nutrition plans and see both the pros and cons of each and my suggestion is to experiment with them. Use your body as a laboratory and see how these make you feel. Ketogenic Diet. This diet helps you lose fat by eating more saturated fat and no starchy foods like bread, rice, oats, and such. The premise behind it is having a high fat, adequate protein, and low to no carbs. This diet is used by doctors to treat patients with epilepsy in children because of it’s effect it has on the brain.

• You get to eat as much red meat as you want with every meal, and yes that means bacon for breakfast, lunch, and dinner if you like (I mean who doesn’t like bacon!?),
• Your weight will drop in body fat because now that you are starving the body from an easy energy source (carbs) it will start to use the next available energy source (fat)
• Your brain will lift the fog that you may have from day to day because of the high fat and protein content in this diet helps the neurons in your brain create and maintain its pathways

• It can get boring and become unsustainable for very long periods of time
• Because of the high fat and protein content you may become constipated

Paleo Diet. This diet is probably the most famous one of the three and possibly one of the best ones out there, only because it is so easy to find recipes so easily on the internet. This is a modified version of the Ketogenic Diet and has huge benefits to your mind and body

• Easy to find any recipe you want from non-starchy spaghetti to ice cream and everything in between
• Has a good balance between fruits, vegetables, and meats the three things we need in a healthy diet.
• Has the same benefits as the Ketogenic diet

• Can easily fall into the CrossFit mentality trap that this is the best and there is nothing out there that is better

Primal Blueprint. This is my all-time favourite bar none. It is a combination of the paleo diet and the work of Dr. Weston A. Price. It looks at you at a genetic level, where great, great, great granddad came from and that is how you should be eating on a regular basis. And combines that with the recipes from the Paleo Diet. Recipe for success

• You just feel awesome because you are giving something that your genetic makeup has known for generations upon generations your body just works that much better
• Looks at living like how we used to live without all of the stress that we have in the modern world
• Has all of the benefits of the Paleo Diet and Ketogenic Diet

• Very hard to maintain on a daily basis, especially if you go out for a drink with your friends, but its ok to cheat once in while

Well there you have it my three favourite diets out of thousands. Research them further and try them see what works for you.

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