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Back To Basics

  • by Admin
  • August 1, 2017

Hey guys,
Well it’s that time of year. The dog days of summer. And if you haven’t gone on vacation and you are planning a trip I strongly urge you to go back and re read the last months blog posts so you lose all of your hard work that you have done so far.

If you are back from vacation, welcome back, and in the next couple of weeks you will either getting the kiddies back to school or you will be getting ready to go back to school either way we are going for a new start, near the end of the year. So, this month we are going to get back to our basics. We will be talking about:
• The benefits of eating like our ancestors,
• How the new ITS was derived and how going back to the basics of joint efficiency can help your workouts and
• In F & F we tackle what is definition

I really look forward for this month because it is something that I am truly passionate about and I may start to ramble on so just sit back and enjoy these next few weeks.

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