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Aging For Life

  • by Admin
  • Sept 5, 2017

Over the past few months that I have been writing these blog posts I had no real sense of why. Why workout? Why eat healthy? It wasn’t until last week when a colleague of mine asked me: “Why bother exercise or eat healthy? You are going to die just like everyone else might as well just enjoy your time here.” and then it hit me! Why am I doing this? The answer hit me just as fast. I told him: “I am delaying the inevitable, so I can enjoy it longer than you.”

This month we are going to look at the above statement as in depth as I possibly can. We will look at how can we delay the inevitable as much as possible. So, we are going to dive into how leading a healthy life can help you live longer, with a better quality of life into the twilight years of your life. With that here is what are going to look at this month:

• Next week we will look at how eating properly (not healthy) can and will add a few extra years to your life,
• The following week is a rest week for me as rest is very important to all of us including myself.
• The week after we will look how exercise increases our ability to live longer and happier, and
• In the final week of the month we are going to dive into the spine in our F & F section.

I know this was short and sweet but believe me I have a ton of things I want to get into with these topics listed above. With that I will see you next week and if you include these topics into your day to day life you are sure to add a few extra years to your own life. And who wouldn’t want a couple of extra years to watch your kids grow into adults and enjoy your grandkids a few more years more!

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