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Professional Trainers get you out and about fast and safe for a healthy regimen

Unleash you inner Rock Star

You have a rock star in you. We know this. We live by this!

Our goal is to unleash that rock star inside of you through meticulously looking at your range of motion and increasing it with slight isometric holds and moving you through to actual movements.

This gives your body the ability to fully express itself, freely, just like a rock star would on stage at a live show, and leaving all the onlookers in awe with just what is going on and cheering you on when you are doing your choice of exercise routine from CrossFit to Pilates to Yoga.

Vio Fitness was founded in 2010 by John Katsavos to make a difference for all kinds of individuals to achieve optimal health, fitness, lifestyle and performance goals. John, with over 5 years of hands-on experience, is a certified Personal Trainer under CPTN. His passion for helping others and continual thurst for knowledge and the body has helped him develop a completely unique form of training. We do not follow pre-packaged plans and workout regimens. Instead, we take the time to listen and find out exactly what you would like to accomplish. We then take a look at your body and see as to what is acceptable. Then we build a plan around those goals in order to give you the most effective exercise experience possible.

We look to find the best and brightest trainers out there so that when you have a question about your body or training in general we have an answer that will satisfy you and not just "Because that's just how the body is" answer you would get from most trainers out there.

The best part of this form of training is simple you can do whatever type of training that you want to do and feel safe that you will not get hurt doing it. So sign up right now for your free assessment and conversation with us so we can get you your specific training program. This is why we call you a rock star!

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