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Fitness That Fits You

Vio Fitness started up just like any other gym in the Toronto area with the focus of introducing healthy living to the general public through exercise and proper nutrition. While this still holds true. We are apart of the community and the community is apart of us. And we look to provide the East York, North York, Scarborough, and Toronto community with the highest level of nutrition counseling, exercise professionals, and fitness classes in the entire city. We take our fitness, your results, but most of all your safety very seriously. That is why we have devised a very safe and yet very effective way of training that integrates load baring movements, body positioning, timed repetitions, and range of motion so you can get the most out of your workouts.

Benefits to Vio Fitness:

Sessions that do not exert or strain you in anyway

We encourage healthy living along with looking healthy

We aid in detoxifying your body

Supports the wellness of your body

Free Assessment

What do you have to lose? This assessment will set you up for nothing but success in your journey to a better, sexier you with no obligation to sign up.

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Unique Training

Our unique training program will get you the body you always wanted without the fear of getting hurt. You will not find this approach anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

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Meet the Trainers

Your body is the most unique, sophisticated, complex peice of machinery you will ever own. With that said the idiosyncrasies in your body are unique to you and you alone.

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Why Choose Us

Most Big Box gyms out there only care about taking your hard earned money. At Vio Fitness we believe that if you look bad, we look bad, and if you get hurt, we get hurt; but most of all when you look and feel good about yourself.

We also look good and feel great about you. So all of our effort goes into finding out what your body can do safely, and then do it. That way you get the best exercise experience you have ever had with no risk.

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